St.Louis Style Ribs

Half Rack 15.00

Full Rack 28.00


Half Lb. 15.00


Boneless skinless thighs Half Lb. 10.00

Pulled Pork

Half Lb. 10.00

Sausage Links

Rotating Variety 12.00


Brisket 14.00

Pulled Pork 11.00

Chicken 11.00

Combo Plates

2 meats 1 side 22.00

3 meats 1 side 30.00

*all bbq comes with one side

Pulled Pork Pho

“Pho-Que” 12.00


Collard Greens with pork and brisket bits 4.00

Baked Black-eyed Peas with bits and sauce 4.00

Mac Salad 3.00

Cole Slaw 3.00

Corn Biscuits 3.00


Sweet Tea &Lemonade Complimentary

Bottled Water & Pop 3.00



Memphis- sweet, ketchup based

Eastern North Carolina- tangy, vinegar based

South Carolina- tangy, mustard based

Chipotle Chocolate Porter- poopdeck porter, chocolate

Chimichuri- Argentinian, parsley, cilantro, jalapeno

Nuoc Cham- Vietnamese, mint,basil,cilantro,jalapeno

Pain Sauce- Seriously hot!!! made with habanero and hate

Jamaican Jerk- Sweet and spicy