About Us

When you see an opportunity, Take it... That is how Smoked Bones BBQ came about. Serendipitous some would say. As many of you may know there was a BBQ joint in the same spot as us before. The Owner of that had to close up shop and move away. Our Neighbor over at Inferno Lounge, a long time friend of both of us called us up and told us we needed to get in there and re open the bbq. Marc had just retired from cooking, and Phil was ready to be done with fine dining and had always wanted to open a BBQ joint.  So the two of us had a meeting and the next thing you know we were tearing up flooring and cleaning out the smoker! Then we got some product and started smoking meat and testing the finished product on some happily obliging locals in nearby bars etc. We finally got things dialed in to where we like it and did a soft opening Feb. 15th 2018.